U- Black, a whole-of-a-lifetime Carnival

Life is the most beautiful adventure of all, but only the adventurer can discover it. Lorella Casalatina from Vicenza, class 1974, knows it well: a thriving job and sport career sadly affected by a terrible accident.

The determination and the willingness of starting from scratch have never been missing. With no expectation, Unno comes along, a superb majestic Murgese horse that helps Lorella to get back on track, making her painful memories into cheerful ones. He gives her a reason not to dwell on the past and also a bright future and her burning desire to live.
Within three years Lorella is a brand new person, she claims her right to be happy again and broadens her main interets, fashion and horse-back riding.


Unno, the kind giant, walks on her side supports her rising and grants her a new beginning of her new adventure in the field of fashion and textile industry. From here the U- Black project emerges, it blends the love for sport with the fine details that only Made in Italy craftmanship presents.

This dive into the originality turns out to be a likeable fascinating idea, that carries love but also plenty of grievance, dark and a new light.

Starting from the first online launch, appreciation and new ideas have always been at the frontline:
saddle cloth, hoods, and everything for the look of the horseman. The total black collection is sided by the total white connection, two true gems tha give a sense of delicate and perfect harmony to both the horseman and the horse.

The most significant and educational stories are the ones concerning battles: for this reason, Unno is the best testimonial for the brand knowing through social media. A love, passion, life story and the will of living that make us realize how liable life is to change and how important it is getting back up after a painful tumble.

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Here all the link you need to get in touch with Lorella and Unno!

Facebook page: U-black
Instagram: @ublackhorse
Site: u-black.com/it



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