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Roeckl Sports loves and lives for gloves! As a family-run company of glove tailors, based in Munich (Germany), they believe that they truly are an accessory that adds quality to life. That is precisely why they have spent over 175 years focusing on what they do best: gloves. The driving force behind their business is their desire to make sure that equestrians have meticulously designed premium products on hand – in the truest sense of the word.

Gloves protect and support our sensitive hands. And their specialization strategy pays off: the name ROECKL stands for well thought out functionality, an exact fit and tangible wear comfort. Through their wealth of experience and their undivided focus on gloves, Roeckl Sports today owns numerous patents, exclusive materials and processing methods. It is the materials, cuts and proportions that make all the difference. And that is precisely where Roeckl can pride itself on extensive expertise in the art of glove tailoring, passed down and refined from generation to generation.

They always remain true to their guiding principle: “Being innovative by tradition. Preserving what is tried and tested. Improving what is good!“. They share the excitement and the passion that professional athletes as well as amateur sports enthusiasts feel for their respective disciplines. That is why they work together closely with a Competence Team of riders to develop sophisticated cuts and high-quality materials that best fulfill the specific requirements of each individual sports activity!

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