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Firmitas, utilitas, venustas–solid, useful, beautiful
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Based out of Zionsville, Indiana, Paul & Lydia designer and proprietor, Heather Blackwell-Batchelor believes her equestrian products tell a rich story. Bringing her love of fashion, family and business together, Heather’s designs for her Paul & Lydia bags and travel accessories are works of art for the modern equestrian.

The journey to create P&L equestrian bags began about 2 years ago when Heather was designing diaper bags. Her teenage daughter, now a college equestrian, wanted bags she and her friends could carry to the barn and horse shows. Heather added a few equestrian prints and began selling them at her daughter’s horse shows and they quickly sold out. Teaching her children her strong work ethic and seeing them grow into independent young adults motivates Heather.

As an artist and business woman, Heather begins each design process with a vision about how she wants a bag to look and function. “I want every piece we make to not only let our customer express her love for horses, but also make her life easier in some way.” She conveys that message to the talented people working with her and then the work is transitioned to the development team to complete the production process. The final product is a product that expresses the classical elegance of equestrian style in a bold, colorful new way. “Equestrian style speaks to something deep inside of all of us, that constant balance between freedom and control, reality with fantasy, work with pleasure, the natural with the spiritual” explains Heather. A representation of beauty and function, horses are the symbol of P&L’s philosophy, “firmitas, utilitas, venustas–solid, useful, beautiful.”

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