I heard you

I heard you.

I recognized your pace, leaning more on the right foot. Every two steps you touch the ground with your tiptoes again before placing the whole foot back onto the ground, and that makes you unique.

I heard your voice.

You greeted your friends and told them about your day with that shrill but pleasant voice, then you continued to walk. You’re bringing something with you, I can hear it from the way you breath, you have a slightly labored breathing, maybe a bag, definitely carrots, something for me I hope.

Finally I saw you.

Placing my snout between the bars I saw you at the end of the stable and you were heading towards me glaring straight onto the ground. That’s you! You came for me! I saw your lips moving maybe you were about to call my name, but I anticipated you. “I’m here!”, I shouted, “Here where you left me”. I got out of the stall window and approached you as I always do. You looked up and smiled at me saying: “hey my good boy”.

You cannot imagine how long I have been waiting for you, it seems ages, although the sun set only once and I was already missing you. It must have not been an easy day for you, since you open my stall and hug me tight. I perfectly feel what is going on.

You are tired, sad and want to break free. I feel that in your touch, in your smell, in your look, and in your feelings.
I wish I could tell you that I absolutely understand you and I am here for you, always ready to respond everytime I recongnize your goofy pace, your smell of cookies and your sweet laughter.

I wish I could show you it in a better way, but this is what us horses have: a long neck to hug tight, a back to rock your fears and eyes to read deep inside yourself. And I do my best because I love making you smile and when you take care of me I love receiving your tears and attention.

You somewhat know, maybe because we understand one-another in our special language.
“Thank you, I needed it” you whisper. You know how much effort you have to put for making your dreams come true and you also know I’m the only one where you can shelter yourself when you need comprension and a smile. I’m part of your heart and you live in mine. I do not know what you humans think: you are a bit weird and often not too kind to us, but I know what dreams are. So I’m ready to tell you: this way, follow your dreams with me, your unusual but big-heartened partner, that is ready for you to pursue our smile.

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