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A story of passion

It all began with a passion for sport. The equestrian sports of course, but also sport in general. Why should the latest textile technologies be reserved only for “extreme” sports? It was in response to this question that the brand concept took shape. Three friends decided to develop a new range of riders’ clothing using the very latest innovations from the textile industry.
Why do you love this sport so much ?

All three of them have been immersed in the world of horse riding since an early age and we grew up with a grounding in the values this sport represents. It was a valuable learning experience for each of them. As something the general public doesn’t often see or experience, this passion is a source of inspiration, encouraging us to always be pushing our limits further and constantly questioning ourselves. Nothing can be taken for granted. Everything must be earned.

You can shine one day, but you have to be prepared for your share of disappointments as well. It’s a sport which helps you keep your feet firmly on the ground. Level-headedness, determination and perseverance are all characteristics frequently found amongst the best riders. These are vital qualities in horse riding, but also in everyday life. Ultimately, learning to be a good rider also means learning to manage your own life too.

Their slogan, “Challenge your riding”, admirably conveys a key aspect of the sport: the wish to push yourself ever further.
Horse Pilot is there to assist you, helping the rider to give the best of himself.

To really give your best, the conditions must be right and you can’t be hampered by clothing. Ensuring that you can benefit from these ideal riding conditions is the challenge which Horse Pilot has set itself.

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