Equi-united under the sign of blue

Ours is a very strange sport: a passion that if it chooses you, it steals your heart, without permission; a “hobby” that harshly puts us in front of ourselves, difficulties and inner wounds. It makes us believe in a dream, that not only involves our own selves but also someone really special, that make us feel unique even just for those few seconds on the saddle. Sometimes it is tough to deal with our limits, something that we would not want to change about ourselves, but the equestrian passion prepeares us for this: it puts us in front of hurdles, but we are given the tools to overcome them finally. And be careful: they are never hurdles between us and the others, between us and the world, it is a battle between us and whom we decide we want to be.

This is Equi-blu’s motto, an equestrian circuit on the occasion of the World Autism Awarness Day recognized by the United Nations on the 2nd of April. The circuit aims at raising awareness for autism and on the significant role that our horse friend plays in supporting the weak and also those who have limits that di not choose to have but do not give up and try everyday with the help of this special animal.

On April 2nd in 26 equestrian centers, cooperating with EQUITABILE®, there will be events related to the magic and the deep bonds that a human can build with this animal which is fundamental to understand one’s inner personality. EQUITABILE® , main authority and promoter of this venture wants to analyze the relationship between humans and horses through Equi blu and wants to shed light on the fact that a horse is gifted of those virtues that help us get rid of our inner dilemmas. Among the main activities sponsored on that day there are carriage rides, on-saddle demonstrations, and races where normal athletes and ones with physical disabilities will participate, snacks and chats in great company and the fine smell of hay will be the cherry on top. So many reasons to be part of a fantastic group without fearing to be left out.

“Nothing big has ever been achieved without passion” – said Georg Hegel. Passion is the trigger of success, it builds a strong bondings , it heals up the wounds and makes us believe in our goals. So here is the hashtag that brings us all together on the occasion of  this day. Post a selfie on Facebook or Instagram with your horse friend (prefereably wearing something blue, symbol of today) and write “me too!” #equiblu straddling on the World Autism Awareness day, also tag @equiblu. Ready, set, go! Let voice be heard, in the name of our strong passion.

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