An equestrian gift under the tree

Christmas is coming, and like every year we start with our desperate gift hunt. Here’s a list of  we, equestrianist, would love to find under the tree.

Welcome December and welcome Christmas atmosphere! Temeperatures drop, sweaters became heavier, stables get colder. Fields and concentrated faces under the caps are freezing, hands get stiffier, we shave our equestrian partner and we make buckets of warm mash. We horse-riders also get those stabbing pains in our foots when getting off the saddle. With such harsh cold and wool hats, it is time to think about Christmas presents as well. Out of ideas this year too? No problem, here is a list of gift ideas that our personal Santa could bring to us horse-backriding lovers (on his steed, of course!).

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Coloroful or extra life-proof? Safe or fashionable? With Casetify you can have both options! The real struggle is picking out the most beautiful case among the many ones available on the website; so many clear cases with phrases funny animals and other particular designs which make it hard not to crave all of them. Did you pick your next case? Perfect now you can shift your attention to other itmes such as an iPad, laptop case and belts for your Apple Watch. You are not entirely sure which one is the right for you? Casetify offers a preference quiz to find out what case could match your tastes best. Here are some with our adventure companions.

I have always been a fan of this brand but now more than ever! Alex and Ani is a american jewlery brand. Unfortunately there are no authorized dealers of this brand in Italy, so we can purchase our jewels on Ebay or the official website. My favorite item? Definitely their bangels. Every bangle has its charm with three different meanings and a description that represents you. You can make yuor own combination of lucky bangles that carry a deep meaning of your story. Among many of them, there are specific ones of our world. Learn more and let Santa know.

The bond between the horseman and the horse is unbreakable and made of whispered words and delicate gestures. We may not always find the right words and when we try to express them we rely on songs, images and symbols. Cor Habeo has interpreted the essence of these silent speeches and made charms out of them. The unbirdles Pegasus, the horseshoe, the anchor, the snowflake and many others. Within the collection there are also many charms with motivational phrases like “Never, ever give up!”, “Live your dream” “Fearless”, each comes with a matching custom-made bead that describes you best. You can learn more by visitng Corhabeo’s facebook page. For more information, you can sena An e-mail to: with all your questions. A small item with a deep meaning. What is your choice?

In letters to Santa, what absolutely cannot be missing is an helmet by KASK. Kask is a helmet-designing brand that works in different sport worlds since 2004. Kask’s goal is to balance out technological excellence and captivating design, comfort and lightness. Recently KASK has started to grow in our equestrian world by designing a helmet line with three main features: comfort, safety and design. Did you already take a look at the wide range? I have already picked my favorite, “Star Lady with Swarowski” apparently it is Jane Richard Philips’ favorite. For more information, visit the new Facebook page and the new official website.

A present for you or…your horse? Let’s put it this way: for both! When it comes to the last saddlepad, it will never be the last one and neither if it’s a Marta Morgan outift, plus a custom-made outfit. Even if you feel that uncontrollable need of broadening your collection, Marta Morgan will introduce you to “that magical world” where it is hard to get out of. Saddlepad, bonnets, blankets, helmet holders, bands, wrappers, saddle covers, stirrups covers, passport cases, jackets and pants. The variety is wide, so I think that a new outfit is exactly what you need under the tree. Do you want to make your own style by chosing your mix of colors or want more information? The page GN equitazione is awating you with custom-designed gear for you and your companion.

Dharma Horse is a new italian brand. The material is accurately chosen and 100% made in Italy. Its shopper from the collection  is entirely hand-made. The collection does not only offer handy bags for chill afternoons outdoors, but also t-shirts with funny quotes related to our equestrian world and cozy sweaters with big white horses printings all over. Are you curious Dharma Horse item? At Equestrian Roma you can find all the information.

Are you always late or your phone keeps slipping off your hands whenever you take it out of the pocket to check the time? It’s time for a watch. Not just a classic style watch but an equestrian style watch. The answer? The Horse Watches. The Horse oferrs a very minimal, fine and elegant watch line. Forget about rhinestones, python leather belts, glowing watch hands. The watches have fancy, refined faces with a few peculiarities and the writing “The Horse” on the upper part by the hands. I have picked mine already. Which is the one for you?

DesOri Horse is a new brand established in June 2015. It proposes a line of weekend and daily purses designed for horsemen and women but also for all the equestrian style lovers. All the items are exclusively made in Italy and combine the quality of the handmade leather and the use of wooden details. Every item tells its story, usually related to the equestrian world and also customizable in every detail. From the color to the model, to the metal-made and wooden details. Cor Habeo’s favorite? I LOVE YOU: a purse whose name recalls those words expressing love, trust and passion. The true passion, the one Cor Habeo believes in. What’s your favorite? Learn more about the new line by visiting the webisite and the new Facebook page.

When we talk about about quality regarding saddles and harness the first name popping in our minds is Pariani. Pariani is the authentic saddle brand that has been caring about the needs of the horsemen their companion and the strong bond between them for more tan 110 years. What better occasion would it be but Christmas to ask for a Pariani saddle? One of our favorite saddles is the Five Star model which is thoroughly handmade and also customizable (like the whole Pariani collection).Besides being accurately deisgned for the horseman body strucutre and the horse, knee supporters are upholstered with a particular fabric called “ProGrip” that keeps the horseman’s leg in the right position. The FiveStar saddle is also covered by SicurSell, an anti-theft alarm endowed with the saddle and also one year UnipolSAI insurance plan in case your saddle gets stolen. Want to learn more? Visit Pariani website for more information, customization and availabilty.

Mr. Wonderful is such an alluring world. I came across it on a rainy afternoon and I never stopped looking at it. From mugs to excercise books with motivational quotes, from agendas to desk supplies. On the online store you can truly find anything that it is hard not to find something that you fancy. Among the represented chatacters in the Christmas edition, you can find a tiny cute unicorn that reminds us how important it is to believe in our dreams: here is Corhabeo’s favorite mug. A warm coffee after waking up and get ready to pursue our dreams.



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