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Dream is our foundation, courage and passion our road.

Cor Habeo was born from an idea of Greta R., with the aim to give a strong importance to real passion and courage, which are the two lifebloods of our sport. We need passion to face everything we are going to meet: victory, defeat, good and bad times. Only with the biggest dose of passion we can personally generate courage: courage to face adversity, courage to follow our heart, courage to be ready for everything we’re going through to achieve our dreams. Courage is the first charapteristic of passionate people: it derives from two latin words which gave the name to this blog: Cor Habeo, from Cor, cordis (heart) and habere (to have). Definetly “to have heart” is the most important quality to which we must aspire as real passionate equestrian people, the one which at the end will save us on the road that brings to our dream.


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